Indoor Maps Program

Indoor Maps

Easily create detailed maps of your indoor spaces and let visitors see where they are right in your app. Organizations with large public and private spaces like airports, shopping centers, arenas, hospitals, universities, and private office buildings can register for the Indoor Maps Program. Indoor maps are built using industry standard tools and require only your existing Wi-Fi network to enable GPS-level location accuracy so visitors can navigate your spaces with ease.

Create standards-based indoor maps

Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) provides a generalized, yet comprehensive data model for any indoor location, creating a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery. IMDF is output as an archive of GeoJSON files. We also provide an easy to use IMDF Sandbox so anyone can view and make minor edits to their IMDF.
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Enable indoor positioning

Apple’s indoor positioning technology passively uses your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and requires no additional hardware deployment. This technology achieves GPS-level accuracy in indoor spaces by using the radio frequency (RF) patterns of your Wi-Fi access points. After creating an indoor map using IMDF, simply perform an RF survey of your spaces using Apple’s Indoor Survey app to enable this indoor positioning.

Integrate with your app and website

Apple’s MapKit and MapKit JS APIs include support for GeoJSON rendering and overlays, so you can use your IMDF files to create stunning indoor maps in your own apps and websites. Whether for consumers or for a limited audience, IMDF provides richly detailed indoor guidance with the user location “blue dot” functionality.

Learn more

The Indoor Maps Program is appropriate for the owners or operators of almost any large public or private venue. Apple does not charge fees for registration, for use of IMDF, or to use the indoor positioning service. Read the program documentation and learn about our partners. Please check with your facilities team to see how you can create your own beautiful indoor maps using IMDF.
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Introducing the Indoor Maps Program

WWDC 2019

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