Best Practices

We recommend these best practices for businesses to ensure a positive customer experience.

Label list and time pickers appropriately. Provide appropriate titles to the list and time pickers so customers are clear on the contents of the pickers.

Use iMessage apps to enhance customer experience. Analyze the top reasons why customers contact your business and convert resolutions that require a transaction or a workflow to an app experience using custom iMessage apps with your primary iOS app. Not only does this offer a great customer experience, it promotes your app to your customers.

Prompt customers on next steps after installing iMessage apps. When customers receive a link to install an iMessage app, they should be prompted on next steps to remind them to tap the bubble to launch the app.

Handle message routing using intent and group IDs. Businesses can work with MSPs to populate intent and group ID parameters and build business rules to route messages to appropriate groups.

End your conversation with a customer by asking if there is anything else you can do to help. After helping a customer, the agent should always end conversations by asking if they can be of further assistance.