Ready to Launch

Launch your Messages for Business account after you pass a Experience Review and Apple approves your account. Let your Apple Messages for Business team know the date and time you want to launch so they can coordinate entry point activation, such as the business phone numbers you registered with Message Suggest, with your launch tasks. Complete the following launch tasks to ensure your brand is ready to accept customers:

  • Log into Register and submit your Messages for Business account to go online. Once Apple approves this change in status on the Messages for Business account, it will display as Online.
  • Ready your support agents to receive messages. Your business may begin receiving customer messages as soon as your entry points are publicly visible. For more information on preparing your agents see Prepare Ops and Marketing for Launch
  • Enable the Messages button on your Apple Maps locations, you may need to add the country where your physical locations reside. Selecting countries does not affect the visibilty of your iOS entry points. For more information on Apple Maps place cards, see Entry Points.
  • Enable the Messages for Business buttons within your website and app, and launch Messages for Business for your customers. If you need to add Messages buttons to your website, see Adding a Messages Button to Your Website.

If you have any questions, send an email to your Apple Messages for Business team at