Preparing Your Teams for Launch

Launch ready means that your agents are available to resolve all customer queries that are regularly resolved over the telephone support line. Prepare your support operations and marketing, as necessary. You can conduct the following launch readiness activities:

  • Train your agents for asynchronous support
  • Register your primary phone numbers for Message Suggest
  • Prepare the Experience Review with Apple and implement the feedback to improve experience
  • Inform Apple Messages for Business team when you wish to launch to the public


Plan to track defined channel goals with your MSP to measure your Apple Messages for Business success. To implement tracking, look at the tools to use for Apple Messages for Business, such as websites, entry points, and surveys. Work with your MSP to coordinate on how best to collect and measure data.

You can use website analyitics to understand click-rates for Message Suggest registered phone numbers. On some of your entry points, you can implement intent, group, and body values to track why customers are contacting you and where they're directed. Provide customer satisfaction surveys after digital encounters and collect information. You can also measure how often a customer needs to escalate to an agent after interacting with a bot.

Training Agents

Update your live agent scripts and work with your MSP to train your agents. Ensure your console agents are thoroughly trained in working in the MSP console with the different Apple Messages for Business features implemented in your design.

Marketing Preparedness

Prepare marketing plan for launch. You can use information located in Human Interface Guidelines - Screenshot to add to your marketing collateral. If you have any press release plans, contact the Apple Messages for Business team