Experience Quality Assurance

The experience review is where Apple reviews the user experience of interacting with your brand before you launch to the public.

Before beginning the experience review, you should complete a quality assurance of your experience. Your account needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Connect your Apple Messages for Business account and confirm that messages are delivered.
  • If you are using your commercial account, the account access should be restricted to authorized Apple IDs. Under Account Testing > Advanced, select 'Restrict access to authorized Apple IDs'. Enter the Apple IDs that will test messages from their personal iPhones.
  • Configure, activate, and test both the automation and live agent interactions. Ensure that all use cases have been tested from the user perspective. All features and content in the experience should be reviewed, and any errors addressed.
  • Make sure agents have been prepared to handle Apple Messages for Business traffic and trained to support the channel use cases.

Experience Review

When you are ready to complete the experience review, prepare the screen recording.

Screen Recording

The screen recording should be conducted by your team or the MSP team working with you, to test your experience and adherence to Apple's conversational guidelines. It also should accurately represent the user journey that will occur when your Apple Messages for Business account is in production and has launched.

Please make sure to demonstrate the Rich Features you have integrated in the experience, the live agent interaction, as well as the out of hours messages.

Tip To record your device screen, review the following links:
Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
Use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to your Mac
How to record the screen on your Mac

Recording Upload and Results

Please work with your MSP to provide a screen recording of the user experience for our team to review.

Once your MSP uploads the screen recording, Apple will provide any feedback directly to your MSP.

Next Steps

Fix any issues listed in the report received from Apple. Once all issues have been addressed, you can move on to the next section, see Go Live!.