Quick Reply Messages

Quick reply messages provide a simple way for the user to make an inline choice with a single tap during an ongoing conversation. You can have between two and five customizable choices, and the user can select only a single item.

Quick reply is an interactive message. Due to its simple structure, it doesn't have receivedMessage or replyMessage fields similar to other interactive message types.

This feature requires iOS 15.1 and macOS 12. For more information, see capability-list under HTTP Headers.

Sending Quick Reply

In this exercise, you’ll send a message payload that triggers a quick reply in the Messages app on the user's device. The payload shows five choices sent to the receiving device.

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Locate the code zip folder and unzip it.
  2. Locate and edit the 23_send_quick_reply.py file by inserting the destination_id, located towards the bottom of the file, with the source_id from the output in Exercise: Receiving a Text Message.
  3. Save and run the 23_send_quick_reply.py file.
  4. Verify on the receiving device (macOS or iOS device) has received the payload, and tap one of the choice.
  5. Verify that your platform has received the response and parsed it to the agent console for viewing.