Specific Channel Settings

Channel settings enable the capabilities Apple Messages for Business offers. The Messaging Service Provider needs to keep channel specific settings for each business.

By default you will receive one or more Messages for Business ID, one per account (private or commercial) created on Register. See how to create a Landing Page to register these ID.

List of Settings

Following is a non-exhaustive list of settings you can store or offer in an editable form for the business owner.

Function Name Type
Apple Messages for Business account Messages for Business ID Single value per Apple Messages for Business account for each Apple Messages for Business account. Generated by Apple.
Apple Pay Merchant ID
Verified Domain Name
Merchant Name
PEM file
Payment Gateway
Base Domain URL
Set of values provided by the business.
OAuth Title
Response Type
Client Secret
Set of values provided by the business.
iMessage app extension App ID
App Name
Set of values provided by the business.

Client Landing Page

Businesses need to subscribe to a Messaging Service Provider (MSP) to receive messages. When brands first sign up for Apple Messages for Business on Apple Business Register, they choose an MSP as their service to help them send and receive messages to their customers.

When your MSP gets a new brand, also known as a client, you need the following information from Apple Business Register:

  • The Apple Business Register generated Business ID for the new brand.
  • The new brand's name and logo.

NOTE For internal test accounts, it only returns the Business ID.

See the related exercises in the API Tutorial to build and test the data retrieved from Apple Business Register.

Device Capabilities

Human and bot interactions must detect the device capabilities to compose the appropriate response for that device.
The Apple Messages for Business REST API defines message headers in detail. For more information, see HTTP Headers in Common Specifications.