Account Testing

Account testing is an important aspect of setting up your Messages for Business account. It allows you to determine if the connections, entry points, and console are working. Work with your MSP to determine how best to test your Messages for Business account and add authorized testers, if necessary.

Add Testers

Use the following steps to add internal testers to your Messages for Business account:

  1. Sign in to Apple Business Register.
  2. Click Messages for Business Accounts and select the account to add testers.

TIP Whether you are a business or an MSP ensure you and your team members have an Apple ID using your organization’s email address.

  1. Scroll down the page to Account Testing.
  2. Add your internal tester's Apple IDs.
  3. Click Send to new testers to send an instructional email to your testers when your list is complete and you're ready to begin testing.
  4. Click Submit in the Messages for Business account profile for Apple to approve your changes.

Apple Business Register sends an instructional email containing a link to your Messages for
Business conversation to the Apple ID email address of each tester. If a tester doesn't receive the email, then recheck that their email address is provided in the Account Testing section. The email address maybe wrong or not an Apple ID. For security and privacy reasons, Apple can't verify Apple ID email addresses.

Test Sending and Receiving Messages

Activating the link contained in the testers email allows testers to send messages to your agents who can reply from your MSP agent desktop. When testing, be aware of the following details:

  • Design a test to include your support agent desktop and webpage which triggers the appropriate built-in features and Message apps.
  • You should observe messages sent from an iOS device are now arriving to your test business. Employees testing from your support agent desktop or webpage should be able to respond to these test messages.
  • Your testers may notice your brand colors are not visible in the Messages header. Business color is not available while your account is in test mode. Your brand's colors display correctly once your account goes online.
  • If you send the testing link to someone whose email is not listed in the Account Testing section, then they will be unable to send messages.
  • If you provide a Redirect Page URL and your testers try to enter Messages for Business from an unsupported device, then they land on the redirected page, instead of the default page. You can set your Redirect Page URL in the "Unsupported Devices" section at the bottom of your Messages for Business account page.

Use the following steps to begin testing:

  1. From a supported device, ask your testers to find the email sent to them.
  2. Click the link in the email from a supported device which takes them to a Messages for Business conversation in the Messages app.